Standard Male and Female Hormone Level Ranges

A table of hormone levels of interest to transgender people.  Source: Massachusetts General Hospital, New England Journal of Medicine.  (N Engl J Med 2004;351:1548-63). The first set of figures are in units commonly used in the US, while the second set are in standard international units. These ranges represent normal values for people not receiving any kind of hormone therapy.  Levels achieved during appropriate transgender hormone therapy may or may not match these ranges. Note: the word “menstruating” in the table means, old enough so that menses has begun, but before menopause — it doesn’t necessarily mean during the actual days of monthly flow.

Beverly Cosgrove, Juno Krahn 5-19-2023



4 thoughts on “Standard Male and Female Hormone Level Ranges

  1. Beverly,
    I am on EV IM glureal HRT. Do you have any information about adverse reaction, or interaction with CBD oils. I am considering trying it for my sciatic nerve pain. Currently I’m on fentanyl and oxycodone. I have wanted to, and tried to work my way off the medication but my pain gets so fierce stopping it isn’t a viable option.
    Any information would help. I’m working my way thru tuning my EV dose. Currently 5mg once weekly. This Wednesday I will have bloodwork done including:Estrogen(Estradiol), T total&free,prolactin,LH,Progesterone, CBD w/Diff/Plt,CMP,Lipid panel(fasting). TSH,T4 Free, Urinlysis, and Uric Acid.
    Are there any other tests that would be pertinant?
    I have an active Prolactinoma with associated high Prolactin and Estradiol levels Pro 104ng/mL, E 398pg/mL before starting HRT. @ 8weeks injecting 10mg every 2 weeks, test 7 days ost injection Prolactin 108ng/mL, E 1276pg/mL. Now injecting weekly 5mg, will test day before next injection.
    You have helped me greatly, as my dr is very receptive to your protocols, and a friend to the trans community.


  2. There is no likelihood of interaction of CBD with any hormones you are injecting. I can speak from experience that a 1:1 ratio of CBD:THC relieves some arthritic lower back pain in as little as 45 seconds, even in small doses. Whether it would help with sciatica, is unknown but certainly worth trying, if you are in a state where medical use is legal. I would recommend trying the cartridge vape method, particularly Medastix at This is truly medical use, and does not cause any sort of “high” though it might make you a little drowsy. Switching to your weekly injection schedule will allow you to lower your total dose of EV, while giving you good results. You may be able to reduce your dose even further with a 3-5 day schedule, and your doctor should like that, to reduce your prolactinoma symptoms. In general, it is more important to prevent estradiol dropouts than to cause estradiol surges, if feminization is your goal. So short injection schedules are generally the most effective — so effective, that reducing the overall dose does not introduce much of an effectiveness penalty.


  3. Beverly,
    I just completed my first 8 week cycle with a once weekly 5 mg EV IM. Estradiol reading on morning #6 of 7 day cycle 275.1 pg/mL, LH, 0.1 mIU/mL, Progesterone <0.1 ng/ mL, T serum< 3 hg/dL, T free 0.2pg/mL, T4 1.39 ng/mL, TSH 1.110 ng/dL, Prolactin 126.0 ng/mL.
    I will first try adding once weekly bromocriptine pill to manage and reduce my prolactin level. My understanding is that reducing the prolactinoma's envolvement in production should not effect my Estrogen production specifically my E2 level. The effects of a low dose bromocriptine intake won't cause unwanted effects on my low T maintainence program either.
    My only reason is to reduce my prolactin production. Unwanted side effects will be watched for and the use of bromocriptine will be managed to maintain my low T requirement for transition. Should my T level increase, some would be encouraged as long as it does not excede female mid range levels.
    I noticed my progesterone is extremely low also. My question is would an increase in my progesterone level be beneficiary, and part of the slowdown of my prolactinoma?
    In the mid year, near future, I will test the effecacy of twice weekly injections. If the cost benefit ratio is favorable, I will impliment same later on. Now I want to control and understand my tumor and its effects on my hormonelevels and my life.
    Thank you for your input and comments, I deeply appreciate you and the rest of the ladies whos knowledge helps me drive my life functions.
    Sally June Odland


  4. Beverly,
    I’m currently taking 4 mg a day of estrodiol 400 mg a day of spironolactone,
    And about a month ago my dr finally put me on 5 mg a day of provera
    Mainly for breast growth
    What is your opinion of provera. The dosage, And will this help in breast growth
    Thank you


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